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Apex Legends

Apex Legends exploit makes hip-fire shots 100% accurate

Published: 18/Apr/2021 14:42

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players are still taking advantage of an exploit that allows them to have pinpoint hip-fire accuracy without any recoil, but some are concerned that it hasn’t been addressed.

It’s been over two years since Respawn Entertainment dropped Apex Legends onto the battle royale market, and it’s cemented itself as one of the premier games around.

While it is still going from strength to strength with each update, even hitting the 100 million player mark, there are a few problems that plague the battle royale.

Some issues are pretty new, but there are others, like the infinite loading screens and care packages spawning off the map, that continue to pop up on occasion. There’s also an exploit with hip-fire accuracy that still hasn’t been addressed either.


Peacekeeper ADS
Respawn Entertainment
Aiming down sights can greatly increase your accuracy in mid-range firefights.

Reddit user TIGJCthagod noted that if you shoot one bullet from any fully automatic weapon in Apex while scoping, and then unscope, your next few hip-fire shots won’t be affected by recoil.

As the Redditor’s clip shows, it’s a pretty powerful exploit as you can shoot with ridiculous accuracy while moving too.

Some players chimed in, saying the issue has been around for a while, and that it’s simply become a part of the game because Respawn hasn’t addressed it. “This totally makes sense and I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing this without even knowing,” commented user HowManyMoreLetters.


After shooting 1 bullet out of any fully auto weapon whilst ADS, right after unscoping the next few bullets will be shot with 100% hip fire accuracy, continue to maintian recoil controll whist hip firing from apexuniversity

Others suggested that instead of sharing the tip with players who might not know about it, the Redditor should have flagged it to Respawn with more clips.

However, there were some players who also noted that it even works with weapons like the Charge Rifle.

It’s unclear if Respawn will be looking into the issue ahead of Season 9, given it’s not listed on their public Trello board. However, if more players demand a change, it might prompt them to make one.