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Apex Legends exploit lets players into Explosive Holds without grenades

Published: 26/Mar/2022 12:43

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have uncovered a wild exploit that allows them to get inside of Explosive Holds on Kings Canyon without opening the doors, and it can create some interesting surprises for enemies. 

As Apex Legends has evolved over the years, Respawn Entertainment has introduced plenty of new ways to shake up the battle royale’s ever-growing loot pool with the likes of loot vaults and bunkers.

They have also added Explosive Holds on the battle royale’s original map, Kings Canyon. These holds might not match the vaults or bunkers for gold weapons, but they can have some nice surprises inside.


While you typically need to blow the hold open with a grenade to get some goodies, players have uncovered a way to get inside of them without needing to cause a scene.

explosive hold apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Explosive Holds are easy to open and could greatly enhance your chances of a win.

The wild exploit was highlighted by YouTuber RossBobSquirrel, who revealed that it all revolves around Revenant’s death totem being in the right place at the right time.

Just like previous exploits with the loot vaults on World’s Edge, if the totem is in the place, and you happen to get a bit of luck, you’ll be sent directly into the Explosive Hold without opening the door. Of course, you can easily grab all the loot for yourself, but it is pretty difficult to get out of.


Though, as the YouTuber shows, it does also create a pretty big surprise for anyone who tries to blow open the doors and get some loot for themselves.

As the YouTuber notes, it is a pretty game-breaking exploit given how you can catch enemies so unaware by hiding inside, and it could lead to some bans for those players who utilize it.

It is likely that the exploit gets patched before long, especially with Kings Canyon being used in the next Ranked split. Though, as of now, it has not been noted on Respawn’s Trello board of issues.