Apex Legends exploit lets Newcastle yeet teammates during revives

. 1 month ago
Newcastle posing with chest out in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have uncovered an exploit with Newcastle’s Castle Wall ultimate that allows them to throw their teammates away from danger, or if you’re more mischievous, troll them. 

With the start of Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors, Respawn Entertainment introduced the battle royale’s 21st legend in the form of Newcastle. The hero of Harris Valley, who is also Bangalore’s brother, has proven to be a popular pick since joining the Apex Games.

However, just like with most new legends, he has also been the source of a few headaches for both players and the devs. Players have found ways to fly 200m in any direction – and at any height – with Newcastle’s ult and they’ve also been able to pull off silent revives around enemies.

While Respawn might be working on figuring out the kinks with Newcastle’s abilities, players have uncovered a new exploit that allows them to both save and troll teammates if they want to.

Newcastle in Apex Legends Season 3
Respawn Entertainment
Newcastle arrived on May 10, with Season 13.

The interesting exploit was highlighted by YouTuber RossTheeSquirrel, who noted that Newcastle mains can utilize the long-standing animation glitch to pull off the powerful throw.

As the YouTuber shows, if players get the timing down right, they are able to start reviving their teammate before launching them a pretty long distance in the direction they’re facing.

Upon seeing it, some players quickly noted that the exploit could be useful if your teammate has a gold knockdown shield to pull off a self-revive, given you toss them way out of danger with the exploit. Though, the more mischievous players suggested that you could also throw a teammate out of bounds if they’re getting on your nerves.

Of course, while the exploit may seem pretty useful, you do run the risk of getting banned by using it – especially in Ranked mode where exploit usage has led to pretty public suspensions.

It remains to be seen just how quickly Respawn addresses this exploit, but don’t be shocked to see downed enemies going flying through the air in games for now.

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