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Apex Legends exploit lets Horizon send her team flying

Published: 28/Jun/2021 21:34 Updated: 28/Jun/2021 21:48

by Bill Cooney


A simple new exploit apparently allows Horizon to send her Apex Legends teammates flying into the sky, and all it takes is a little help from a friendly Octane.

The advantages of being able to fly up into the air and go wherever you want are obvious to any Apex player, but you’re usually not able to get high enough to choose a different spot on the map to land without something like a redeploy balloon – at least, until now.

One clever Apex player has found a way to combine Octane’s Jump Pad with Horizon’s Black Hole for an exploit that can send you flying up as high, if not higher, than the balloons do.


apex legends horizon mirage
Respawn Entertainment
Horizon’s Gravity Lift can also take Legends for a ride, but that’s nothing compared to this exploit.

In a clip posted to the official Apex sub, Reddit user ‘PetarGT’ demonstrates how to pull the exploit off – and based on the clips, it looks like the best thing next to dropping in.

First, they place Octane’s Jump Pad down. Simple enough, so far. Next, Horizon starts bouncing on the pad with her Ultimate ready to deploy. Finally, right at the bottom of the jump, they activate the ability setting off the Black Hole, which pulls players towards it.

After this, all one has to do is ride the wave, let yourself get pulled in, and melee right before you hit the ground. If done correctly, the Black Hole will pull you in just as your about to bounce and hold you for longer than normal, before sending you shooting up like a champagne cork under pressure.


The hangtime you’ll get with this little exploit puts Gravity Lift to shame, and is probably only rivaled by the balloons around the map, or the first drop in of the round.

If done correctly, you should be able to redeploy your whole squad in no time… and maybe drop in to ruin an unsuspecting team’s day, as well.

You will need a cooperative teammate to play Octane or Horizon to make this exploit work, which can definitely be a challenge to find, for some. But if you have a willing friend, there’s no reason not to give this a shot before Respawn gets around to patching it.