Apex Legends exploit gives Battle Pass owners crafting metals and materials

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC have found a trick that allows those who were quite underwhelmed with the game’s long-awaited Season 1 Battle Pass to access even more rewards with it. 

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You still have to purchase the Battle Pass to access these other rewards, but players have discovered that by making a tweak to your location settings, will give you crafting materials instead of Apex Packs.

This exploit was showcased after one player – who plays the game in Belgium – noticed that instead of Apex Packs, they had access to another one of Apex Legends’ currencies instead – Crafting Materials. 

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UnicornPL / RedditApex Packs are replaced by Crafting Materials for Belgium players, possibly because of a ban on Loot Boxes in the country.

Crafting Materials can be used to create a number of cosmetics and this new trick allows you to get your hands on them much easier than you might expect. 

Players are changing their settings to make it look like they’re playing in Belgium too, in order to secure guaranteed Crafting Materials from the Battle Pass rewards. This exploit replaces Rare, Epic and Legendary Apex Packs with Crafting Materials instead. 

Mernerak, YouTubeChanging location settings on the EA support page seems to do the trick.
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As the screenshot shows above, which was taken from a guide posted to Reddit by user Mernerack, players can simply change their location and access different content. 

According to the redditor, the change will not lock players from different regions into European servers as a result of the settings tweak and there’s no impact in terms of ping either – he says. 

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While the trick has given players up to 1350 Crafting Materials, which is enough to buy a Legendary Skin in the store, there’s always a chance that this exploit could be something that Respawn Entertainment will crack down on in the future. 

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Whether or not there will be consequences for editing settings in this manner, too, remains to be seen.