Apex Legends exploit allows Caustic to stop Push Barriers with gas traps

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Apex Legends players have found an exploit that lets Caustic avoid the invisible barriers that push players when they’re out of bounds.

With Apex Legends having so many different Legends at this point, sometimes their different abilities have some unintended effects.

Especially when abilities like Mad Maggie’s wrecking ball and Caustic’s gas traps have physical properties sometimes the physics surrounding these items can get players into some tricky situations.

Now, one player has discovered that Caustic mains can actually use his gas traps to negate Push Barriers in certain out-of-bounds areas, allowing players to hide in some insane places.

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Apex Legends player discovers insane Caustic exploit

A Reddit user named Dirty_Skirty posted the exploit in action on the Apex Legends subreddit. The attached video shows Caustic surrounded by gas traps on top of one of the jump towers on World’s Edge.

Players familiar with Apex Legends’ Jump Towers know that you’re not allowed to stand on top of them, as the invisible Push Barriers on top of the Jump Towers will swiftly push players off the tower and onto the ground below.

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However, the exploit allows Caustic to essentially bounce between his gas traps and negate the invisible barriers which essentially gives players the perfect hiding spot.

Considering Jump Towers are incredibly tall and players using them can’t shoot through the metal roof, the only way someone hiding on top would lose is if they were eventually killed by the closing Ring.

Players were impressed at the original poster’s ability to discover the spot and wondered what other Legend abilities would allow for this as well. “Is it possible to go there with a Valk ult? Could be an interesting strat in that case,” to which another fan responded: “You can, but the push barriers will push you off. You can use your jet pack to try and stay on, but not long enough for it to recharge.”

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Of course, players who want to try this for themselves should exercise caution, as Respawn has banned players who’ve abused exploits to win games in the past.

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