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Apex Legends

Apex Legends exploit is allowing players to melee incredibly fast

Published: 13/Mar/2019 2:52 Updated: 13/Mar/2019 2:53

by Albert Petrosyan


An melee exploit has been discovered in Apex Legends that is so powerful, it might as well be categorized as potentially game-breaking. 

Melees are a very strong option to use against enemies when they are in very close proximity to you, but there is normally a slight delay between each attack to prevent the mechanic from being too overpowered.

A recently discovered exploit is considerably speeding up the rate at which melee attacks can be performed, allowing players to quickly eliminate opponents by repeatedly smacking them with quick deadly kicks. 

A video posted on Reddit by user ‘Cammyy’ shows this glitch being abused in a match by a player named ‘IpManLegends,’ who is able to pull off the exploit to devastating effect.


After the player gets victimized by a series of roundhouse kicks from IpManLegends, he continues to spectate the cheater, who goes on to use the exploit against other teams before finally being taken out in second place.

While the effects of the exploit shown above are quite deadly, perhaps the scariest thing about it is how it’s apparently very easy to pull off in-game.

According to one of the comments under the Reddit post, players need to have a Legend that has a Ultimate Ability that can be cancelled after being activated, such as the Bloodhound’s Beast of Hunt or the Lifeline’s Care Package.


Once the Ultimate Ability is fully charged, a player simply has to first press the melee button then quickly cancel the animation by pressing the Ult button.

Spamming the two buttons in that order will unleash the very fast series of kicks that will eliminate surprised enemy players in a matter of seconds. 

This is, of course, not the only game-breaking exploit that currently exists in the game. Others include being able to see through smoke, sit in out-of-bounds spots for a long time, shoot your weapon while knocked, and more. 

These are all serious glitches in the game that need to be addressed as soon as possibly by Respawn Entertainment, before the integrity of their new game becomes too compromised.