Apex Legends “Elite Jump” guide: New movement tech launches players into the sky

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have discovered a new movement technique dubbed the ‘Elite Jump’ to launch themselves into the sky, and it will work even when tap strafing has been removed.

Apex Legends players are still coming to terms with the fact Respawn is planning to remove tap strafing from the game.

There are a lot of mixed feelings about the decision. Some players claim it’s a mistake, while others like Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek believe it’s a good thing. But the developers have stood by it.

However, instead of moping over the fact it’s gone, a player named Buttonsie discovered a new movement technique called the ‘Elite Jump’ that is gaining traction in the community.

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Respawn Entertainment
The Elite Jump is a handy trick to have in your pocket.

“You may have seen clips on Twitch or on YouTube recently [of people reacting to me] using a semi-new move technique,” he said.

“This technique is different from the normal super-charged tap strafe re-directs because it doesn’t require any tap strafing.”

Not only does that mean it will still be around once tap strafing has been removed, but it also means that while tap strafing is still in the game, it can be used in conjunction with it.

The best part? The Elite Jump isn’t hard to do at all.

How to perform the Elite Jump in Apex Legends

Here’s a simple breakdown of all the steps involved:

  • Connect to a zip line and turn 180 degrees while still attached.
  • Detach with two jump inputs, which be done with the scroll wheel or manually if you’re on a controller.
  • These inputs need to be entered within the time frame for a normal super jump to work.

And that’s all there is to it!

Apex Legends players love pushing the game’s mechanics to their limits with various techniques, and the Elite Jump is a welcome addition to that list.

Hopefully, with a bit of help from this guide, you’ll be slinging yourself into the sky in no time and catching foes by surprise!