Apex Legends drops anime-style trailer that shows what a TV series could be like

Wattson anime Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

To celebrate the release of the Gaiden event in Apex Legends, Respawn have released an anime-style trailer and it has showcased what an official TV series could look like.

While Apex Legends is known for its incredible gunplay, impressive movement mechanics, and unique characters, Respawn also never fails to deliver when it comes to trailers.

Whether it’s the unbelievably popular Stories from the Outlands that give the community a glimpse into each of the character’s lore or just the standard event trailers, the video team at Respawn always knocks it out of the park.

So, when Apex dropped an action-packed anime-style trailer to celebrate the release of the Gaiden event on July 19, it certainly caught the attention of fans.

Wattson Octane Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The Gaiden event kicked off in Apex Legends on July 19.

Gaiden trailer shows incredible an Apex anime could be

Seemingly out of the blue, Respawn dropped an anime-style trailer on July 19 and it showcased how brilliant an official TV series could be.

The short but sweet cinematic features Wattson, Mirage, Crypto, Bangalore, and Octane all taking on Revenant in an action-packed battle.

Each of the characters are wearing their Gaiden skins and are portrayed in an impressive anime style that features incredible music, animations, and of course, their iconic Heirlooms.

While Wattson is the main star of the trailer, each of the Legends gets their time in the spotlight, especially the foe Revenant, who is force to be reckoned with alongside his army of Specters.

While rumors and leaks have surfaced about an Apex Legends TV series, there’s been no official announcement from Respawn just yet.

However, given how popular their video content is and the storytelling potential of the Apex universe, it’d be a surprise if they didn’t want to capitalize on the demand.

Either way, Respawn has proven once again how incredible a TV show or anime series could be – let’s just hope they can make it happen in the future.