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Apex Legends • Feb 24, 2019

Apex Legends DLive tournament: Finalists decided - Full qualifier results

Apex Legends DLive tournament: Finalists decided - Full qualifier results

After over 200 teams battled it out in the qualifiers for the $10,000 Apex Legends DLive Finals on March 2, the 10 best teams have secured their spot.


On Saturday, February 23, 204 teams competed in the battle royale title, with points awarded for kills and wins, with 10 spots in the finals on offer.

Teams who didn't make it through by points alone still have hope though, as they can make it through by being voted the most 'popular' teams by spectators.


After the dust settled on competition on Saturday, the 10 qualifying teams were decided:

1 point per kill, 10 points per win.

1Impulsepkmk, 9impulse, Azee253
2AllPlannedOsnazeni, wSerious, AsuraxX251
3Noble EsportsBlitziiN, mikeysnipey, Dzurv
4OfficialsJazzyJ, SWOLZ, Dubis
5FPS Macroersflowercat420, Zonsokun, Kudos
BambKING, chiefReligion, Meggsey
7Bunker BoysMimunyah, RETTEEE, Zerotsu
8Wingman WinrateRykoo, JonJon, Xenial
9SenzawaM_Buna, Oddwen, gravelman1337
10Hit or MissTuniGG, freddo, Aeon

* Final Standings updated on February 24


Most Popular Teams

Another five teams will qualify by being voted 'most popular'. The measure popularity by the number of LINO donations each team received from spectators. LINO are the tokens used on DLive, using Blockchain technology.

Apex Legends DLive Finals

With the 15 teams now decided, it's time to prepare for the finals. You can watch all the action on March 2, starting at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT.

The finals boasts $10,000 in prizing, with the first place team netting $4,500.

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