Apex Legends pro Dizzy shows how to combo Octane’s Ultimate for quicker rotations

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NRG’s Apex Legends star Coby ‘dizzy’ Meadows routinely sets the bar for impressive feats in the battle royale game, and is now doing the same with its latest character, Octane.

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The battle royale’s lineup of unique Legends have relatively straightforward powers, but the game gives a lot of creative leeway for their abilities to make something more out of their uses.

Dizzy was able to do just that when trailing behind a firefight that was starting to break out, leading him to get imaginative with Octane’s Launch Pad to quickly close the gap.

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Respawn EntertainmentSome players were initially underwhelmed by Octane’s Ultimate, but a bit of creativity goes a long way for making it a powerful tool to have.

As usual, dizzy was on a ravenous hunt for kills in a match, and while one battle was dying down, he heard another not too far off starting to ramp up.

Though it initially appeared like dizzy would be late for the new engagement, he decided to give an old Launch Pad he’d put down prior to good use.

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After lining up where he wanted to go, dizzy threw down a new Launch Pad on top of his old one, which made it go flying forward – but the play wasn’t over.

Dizzy held W after throwing down the new ult, which sent him in the exact same trajectory as the Launch Pad. When the pad landed on the ground, dizzy soon followed, allowing him to take another spring into the sky in quick succession.

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Before his stream knew it, dizzy had passed up his teammate who was already in hot pursuit, and led his squad into the fight.

The inventive use of his Ultimate let him make an insanely quick rotation that caught an opposing squad off guard.

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After a few more quick battles, dizzy managed to add yet another Champion screen to his collection.

Though Octane has barely been released, it seems like the young Apex pro is already synergizing with the new Legend which is producing incredible new plays.

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