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Apex Legends players discover strange problem with Knockdown Shields

by David Purcell


Apex Legends players are having a hard time picking which Knockdown Shield they want to take from loot bins and it could soon force Respawn Entertainment to make a change. 


The game's developers have had to sort out a number of different bugs and lingering issues since the game first released – all of which comes with the territory – but this change would surely be one of the most simple. 

Some fans would suggest that it's the most important as well, after being tricked into thinking common Knockdown Shield items are actually much better than what they appear at first glance. There's even been a side-by-side image posted online to show that there's not much difference, too. 

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Some Apex Legends players are having a hard time looting in the game right now.


In terms of protecting yourself against other enemies in Apex Legends, there are a number of different Knockdown Shield options available to use. These include common, rare, epic and legendary. 

Just for perspective, the difference between a common and legendary shield is 100 health and 750 health, meaning that one is much more useful than the other. However, some players are having a tough time distinguishing between the two rarities, as seen in a post to Reddit by user chrisnotblack.

The player is staring at both common and legendary Knockdown Shields in the screenshot below and there is hardly any difference, something one member of the game's online community described as a big "problem" in the thread. 

Gold and Common Shields look so similar in crates that I almost didnt notice from r/apexlegends


"Gold and Common Shields look so similar in crates that I almost didn't notice," the user posted, clearly frustrated that the difference in color isn't strong enough to see at first glance. 

An easy solution for Respawn would be to tweak their color system, although it's hard to gage whether or not this is an issue that much of the game's player base believe to be a big problem. It does appear to only be affecting the way Knockdown Shields look, whereas it's clearer for other items. 


Judging by the post, though, which has over 2,000 upvotes in the Apex Legends subreddit, there's certainly a discussion to be had among developers to look at potential alternatives. 

At the time of writing, the issue with Knockdown Shields isn't mentioned on the game's official Trello board – a platform used to inform players about what to expect in terms of fixes in upcoming updates – although that could change in due course.