Apex Legends players disappointed as Respawn neglects promised Pathfinder rework

. 6 months ago
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have called out Respawn over their plans for a Pathfinder rework dating back to 2020, expressing their disappointment as the fan-favorite MRVN remains untouched heading into 2022. Player-designed reworks have gained popularity to try and help Pathfinder, but nothing is confirmed.

Pathfinder mains are still waiting for a promised rework to their favorite Recon Legend dating back nearly 18 months.

The rework was teased during the launch of Apex Legends Season 6 in August 2020, and since Pathfinder mains have been giving Respawn plenty of examples to power-up the once-meta Recon Legend.

“In the future we will take another look at Pathfinder to see what else we could do to make him feel more unique,” the developers said in the patch notes.

Pathfinder in Apex Legends with sad face
Pathfinder players are still holding out hope for his long-awaited rework.

Nearly 18 months on, and players want change from Respawn. Player complaints have gone viral as Pathfinder has yet to receive any major rework from the developers, and they want change coming into 2022.

In a viral Reddit thread on January 6, most players listed out their favorite rework ideas. This included letting Pathfinder destroy his own ziplines, giving him a notification if someone uses his zipline (like when an enemy passes a Caustic barrel), or even increasing his zipline speed.

That’s not to say Pathfinder has been untouched for 18 months. Changes to his Grappling Hook during Season 7’s launch buffed his kit slightly, and he had Low Profile removed in March 2021. However, Pathfinder is slowly becoming outdated in Apex Legends.

apex legends pathfinder
Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder still has a strong casual player base, but many believe he is competitively weak.

However, Respawn are yet to address the community concerns. The next update, Dark Depths, is the first possible opportunity for the developers to ship some changes, but no balance updates have been confirmed ahead of the January 11 event.

Everyone’s favorite MRVN has been outshone by both new Recon Legends like Seer, as well as the high-mobility Ash and Valkyrie. While he boasts an 8.9% pick rate thanks in part to his beloved grapple mechanic, he doesn’t crack into the pro meta or the top of the tier lists.

For now, Pathfinder mains will still have to play the waiting game for that eventual rework.

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