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Apex Legends devs promise they’re working to solve ‘unbalanced’ Arenas matchmaking

Published: 27/May/2021 8:55 Updated: 7/Mar/2022 17:21

by Brad Norton


The latest addition to Apex Legends, a popular 3v3 Arenas mode, is already in line for some changes as Respawn Entertainment has confirmed a matchmaking improvement is on the way.

With Season 9 of Apex, Respawn pushed out one of the biggest updates yet. Referred to as Apex Legends Legacy, this major patch released with new character Valkyrie, the powerful Bocek Bow, and even an entirely new mode.

Arenas has quickly gone on to become a fan-favorite playlist due to the unique variety of gameplay on offer. It’s completely different from the battle royale experience, offering up bite-sized action with all the Legends you’ve come to love over the years.


While the mode has been received well, for the most part, it’s not quite perfect just yet. Players have been frustrated with early matchmaking issues, though Respawn has already outlined that improvements are in the works.

One key criticism of the 3v3 mode gained traction in a May 27 Reddit post. Experienced veterans were quickly growing tired of being matched up with relative newcomers. 

“I’m well over 500 with just under 3K hours in the game,” Reddit user ‘JimeeB’ said. “But I just played 10 matches of Arenas where not one of my teammates was above level 150.”

With hundreds of upvotes and dozens of comments echoing a similar experience, this post caught the eye of Respawn’s Lead Software Engineer Samy ‘ricklesauceur’ Duc.


“I do believe this is what Respawn wants with their matchmaking,” one player suggested. “Not really,” the dev responded. “I am working on it.”

“Overall the fairness of a game is pretty even but we understand it is a bit tiring when level disparity is high in your team composition. It will improve.”

No exact timeline was mapped out, but it’s clearly a priority for Respawn. Arenas teams should feel a little more evenly matched once this fix arrives in Apex Legends.

It might not be a perfect fit, with similarly experienced players filling out every team. Though the improvements should help balance the new competitive mode so that no one ever wants to leave out of frustration.