Apex Legends devs testing further scan meta nerfs amid player frustrations

Bloodhound in Prestige Skin in Apex legendsRespawn/EA

Respawn Entertainment have revealed that they’re testing further changes for Apex Legends’ scan meta amid further frustration from players.

When Apex Legends first launched, only one character had the ability to find out where other legends were hiding – Bloodhound. Though, in recent seasons, there have been a handful of other characters added that operate in the same way.

The introduction of Seer back in Season 10 sparked the beginning of the scan meta frustrations and prompted Respawn to dish out some pretty big nerfs to the Ambush Master.

The scan meta has cropped back up over the last few updates, with Ash, Bloodhound, Seer, and Valkyrie all playing useful roles in the battle royale. That has led to calls for change from players, and Respawn are looking into things.

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Respawn planning further nerfs to Apex Legends scan meta

During the recent ‘Weapons and Legends’ AMA on the battle royale’s subreddit, Respawn’s Devan McGuire was quizzed on the possibility of addressing the scan meta once and for all.

“We understand the frustrations around Legend abilities that scan and their tactical dominance at higher levels of play,” the dev said, responding to one player. “Some of these abilities, however, are core to the play patterns and identities of the Legends themselves so it’s not a simple task to address.

“We are actively looking into it, and playtesting potential iterations, but we want to be comfortable with changes that reduce the frustration without reducing the value of these Legends in the squad before any release.”

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McGuire reiterated the same stance about wanting to reduce the power of scan legends, but not completely write them off in another answer.

“We are actively looking into the frustration that can come from these abilities and finding ways to reduce it without crippling the identity of the Legends who wield them,” he added.

Of course, players have been promised changes to scan legends for quite some time, with Respawn saying back in December that they were exploring ideas around Seer specifically. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.