Apex Legends devs reveal upcoming gameplay changes – auto-sprint, weapon switch & more


Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment have revealed the new changes they’ve made to the gameplay and what will be coming through patches in the near future.

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Ever since releasing their battle royale back in February, Respawn has been hard at work trying to quell in-game issues – be it either hacking or cheating, strange glitches, and just general quality of life problems.

They’ve been able to get a large number of problems fixed, however, a handful of issues rear their head on a daily basis. It’s a constant game of whack-a-mole for the team but they’ve seemingly gotten ahead of a few problems and are preparing to roll out some updates in the near future.

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Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends players have been running into laughable bugs and game-breaking bugs since release.

According to the developer’s Trello board, which was set up to allow fans to see the progress of bug fixes, Respawn is close to adding auto sprinting on console and disabling auto-switching for when players run out of ammo.

In addition to those, there is a handful of quality of life fixes like showing battle pass progression following matches and making stat-tracking show up as green in pre-match lobbies. 

A look at what fixes are ready to go in future Apex Legends patches.
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However, despite some hope from users on the Apex Legends subreddit that these changes may come in the next patch, Respawn stated that they aren’t certain when they will ship – but the issues are fixed in-house.

“Also for some clarification, “coming in future patch” label doesn’t always mean it’s in the next patch,” added Jason Garza, Respawn Community Coordinator. “Sometime we miss our deadlines to get it in, so it may miss the boat. But we DO have it fixed internally. You just need to hold on a bit longer for it. But I will let you know right now that the BP summary did get in for our next patch. The others in this column got in too late.”

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It remains to be seen as to when Respawn rolls out a new patch, which either includes these fixes or not, as there hasn’t been any word about a future update.