Apex Legends devs planning more Titanfall content for future seasons

Alex Garton
Apex Legends Ash Season 11Respawn Entertainment

There’s a variety of Titanfall characters, guns, and references in Apex Legends and according to the devs, they’re planning on adding more in the future.

Although Apex Legends isn’t part of the Titanfall franchise, the game is set in the same universe meaning there’s a variety of references for fans to enjoy.

With Valkyrie arriving in Season 9, the Rampage LMG in Season 10, and now Ash joining the roster in Season 11. a lot of Apex fans are wondering if Titanfall’s influence is going to continue into the future.

Well, to the excitement of a lot of players, the devs have finally addressed the topic and revealed the Titanfall content isn’t coming to a close anytime soon.

Valkyrie Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Respawn plans to continue adding Titanfall content to Apex Legends.

Respawn reveal more Titanfall content is coming to Apex

In a recent interview ahead of Season 11, Apex Legends devs were asked whether Titanfall content was going to continue to be a focus for them in upcoming seasons.

With Respawn taking a huge step in adding Ash to the game, it’s led the community to speculate on which other Titanfall characters may enter the Apex Games in future updates.

Although there were no hints over what Titanfall features fans can expect, the devs did reveal there are more references in the pipeline, even if they’re not as significant as what’s been added in Escape.

“I think you’ll continue to see parts big and small of Titanfall coming to Apex but I don’t think it will be as big as this season obviously,” they said. “It’s not like every season it’s going to have some new Titanfall thing”.

Apex Legends Valk flyingRespawn Entertainment
The devs still have a lot of Titanfall content they want to bring to Apex.

The devs did reassure players that they want Apex to remain independent and not become reliant on Titanfall content, confirming that there won’t be huge references every single season.

However, as a lot of them worked on Titanfall, they’re incredibly passionate about the franchise, so it only makes sense to add features to Apex when it works and makes sense.

“We still want Apex to be its own thing,” they added, “but the passion of the team continues to be, hey, a lot of us have worked on Titanfall, we love Titanfall, let’s bring these in when it feels ready”.

So, while Titans won’t be dropping into your Apex matches anytime soon, expect plenty more features and references from the iconic franchise.