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Apex Legends devs looking to fix hybrid mouse and controller aim assist exploit

Published: 5/Jul/2021 16:48

by Michael Gwilliam


Fixing an extremely devastating Apex Legends exploit allowing players to use controller aim assist with a mouse and keyboard is on the developers’ to-do list, but pros have doubts it’ll be solved soon.

Controller players that would otherwise struggle keeping up with their PC brethren in multiplayer cross-platform games such as Apex Legends benefit greatly from the aim assist tool.

While aim assist has been a controversial addition to many games, there’s no denying that it’s needed to give controller users a fair shot when competing against the pin-point accuracy a mouse provides.

That said, some Apex Legends players have been taking advantage of it, and use an exploit that gives mouse and keyboard users the power of controller aim assist.


Cloud9 Apex Legends star PVPX rallied against this exploit on Twitter, calling on Respawn to do something about it.

“Hybrid (use of MnK + Controller at the same time) needs to be removed from Apex Legends,” he said and revealed he would be contacting a dev privately to solve the problem.

In a video, PVPX showed that players would tape down the left trigger on their controller while it’s plugged into their PC and set their sprint bound to LT so the game would think it’s permanently controller.

“You can play mouse and keyboard and it never swaps to the mouse and keyboard input. You get aim assist on mouse and keyboard,” he explained while shooting at targets. “Dude, it’s like I’m aim-botting!”


In a follow-up tweet, he explained how the devs plan on fixing it, but didn’t hold out on it being anytime soon. “I have no idea how long that will take because there is definitely bigger problems to worry about right now but at least they are aware.”

Some of those problems include fixing DDoS attacks and hackers plaguing Titanfall, which have been ongoing for two years. In early July, a hacker hijacked Apex Legends to spread awareness of the “Save Titanfall” movement.

It’s unclear how simple of a fix this will be for the dev team, but at least they’re working on finally taking care of this major integrity issue with the game.