Apex Legends devs looking into OP punches that are like MW2’s Commando

. 1 year ago
Apex Legends Wraith punching screen
Respawn Entertainment

As Apex Legends continues to evolve, the punching mechanic remains an integral part of gameplay, although players, and now Respawn, have noticed that it can be a little overpowered. 

With Apex Legends’ newest Collection event, Genesis now complete, we’re in the final stretch of Season 9.

Part of this is the Thrillseekers mini-event. Bringing us an all-new series of limited-time skins, as well as new Arenas map, Overflow, and it’s a good one.

Coming into the event, though, there’s something that players are begging Respawn to nerf. No, it isn’t the Spitfire or EVA-8 – it’s the (not so) humble punch mechanic.

Apex Legends EVA-8 Shotgun
Respawn Entertainment
The EVA-8 shotgun has been devastating the Apex Games for months now, but so is punching!

Apex Legends punch is OP

Often when players are fighting along the boundaries of the ring, the temptation to punch people out into the flames for a quick and easy kill is all too real.

However, one player has shown just how insane the melee attack is in a Twitter clip. In a 1v1 against an enemy Wraith, the enemy is able to land multiple hits on them, despite the massive distance between each player.

Stating “yeah punching isn’t an issue at all,” the clip went viral on Twitter.

Respawn “looking into” OP punches

In response, Apex Legends Producer, Josh Medina, has confirmed that the devs will be checking the One Punch Man-style punches.

“Reminds me of commando and Tac Knife,” he notes, referencing the infamous Commando perk from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Designed to increase melee distance, players could hit you with a knife attack from ridiculous distances.

“I’ll see if anyone has looked into this,” he said.

So if you’re sick to death of tagged by melee attacks from way too far away, Respawn are on the case.

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