Apex Legends devs finally adding leavers penalty to Control LTM

. 5 months ago
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Respawn Entertainment are cleaning up some of the issues with the new Control LTM in Apex Legends, as they’ll finally be adding a leavers penalty for those players who abandon their squads. 

With the arrival of Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance, Respawn Entertainment brought in Control as the first, brand-new limited-time mode for the first time in a few updates.

The 9-vs-9 mode works similar to Call of Duty’s iconic Domination mode, as teams fight it out for control of three separate points on the map, hoping to either rack up the goal of 1250 points or by locking out their opponents with complete domination.

When the momentum of a game is going against a squad, it isn’t a shock to see them head back to the main menu, leaving their team down at least a player or two. While they aren’t punished for quitting early like they would be in the normal battle royale mode, that is changing before long.

apex control zones
Respawn Entertainment
Control is a whole new way of playing Apex Legends.

Players who leave Control matches before they are actually over will, soon, be subject to a penalty for doing so, as Respawn will be bringing in changes.

The developers updated their Trello board, confirming that the early leavers’ punishment will be coming in a patch down the road. Though, there is no mention of just when that’ll be.

If Respawn institutes the same punishments for quitting Control games early, players can expect to have a delay in their matchmaking as they’ll be sidelined for a few minutes.

Screenshot of Trello board about apex legends fixes
The penalty will be coming in a later update.

Additionally, the devs also be fixing the issue where players are unable to get the auto-recharge on their shield due to friendly Caustic gas being activated.

So, even though it’s an LTM, Control is getting some love, which is good news for the vast numbers of players who have already taken a shine to the new mode.

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