Apex Legends devs explain why they won’t change Wraith’s “outdated” passive

Wraith on Storm Point in royal skin in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Respawn Entertainment have explained why they haven’t got any plans to update Wraith’s tactical despite some Apex Legends fans feeling that it is a bit “outdated” these days.

As new legends have been added to the mix in Apex Legends, some of the original characters have lagged behind a bit in terms of power and usefulness.

Respawn Entertainment has put some of the original legends under the knife, updating them with reworked abilities and significant buffs. Though, not everyone has gotten this treatment after all this time.

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Wraith has undergone plenty of buffs and nerfs, but her abilities are largely the same as when the battle royale first launched. However, some players feel that she may need a rework, at least to her Voices from the Void passive, which warns players when they’ve been aimed at or enemies have died nearby.

Apex Legends devs won’t update Wraith passive yet

The passive, which has sort of been spread across other legends like Ash and Seer with similar abilities, is seen by some players as being slightly “outdated” and they want a change.

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Responding to one annoyed fan during the recent ‘Weapons and Legends’ AMA, Respawn’s Devan McGuire said things aren’t likely to change. “Just because a passive has been around for a while, doesn’t mean it doesn’t still have value,” the Apex dev said.

“Generally, we prioritize changes to Legends that have problems to be solved, or have an imbalance in power that allows them to dominate unfairly or prevents them from being competitively viable. At present, we don’t feel that Wraith is victim to these concerns in a way that adjusting her passive would address.”

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Even though she’s not the undisputed top dog anymore in terms of pick rate, Wraith is still comfortably inside the top three most-used legends, so her competitive viability remains high.

She may get looked at later down the line if that pick rate falls further, but for now, you’ll just have to keep rocking the same kit as ever.

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