Apex Legends devs drop big hint about which Legend is getting next Heirloom

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Apex Legends devs drop big hint about which Legend is getting next Heirloom

Could we already know who’s getting the next Apex Legends heirloom? Developers are dropping hints that it could coincide with a Legend who needs a much-needed buff, narrowing the options to a few community favorites.

Respawn are always looking for ways to keep the Apex Legends roster in check. We’ve already seen a few legends get buffed and nerfed in Season 10, as well as some weapons, and there are no signs of them slowing down anytime soon.

It’s not all about in-game performance, though. Fans have been eagerly anticipating the next Heirloom item, too.

With eight legends still yet to receive one, your guess is as good as any. But that’s changed now after lead developer Daniel Z. Klein dropped a massive hint.

Apex Lrgends Heirloom
Respawn Entertainment
Revenant is the latest legend to receive an Heirloom.

In a conversation about the new skins and items coinciding with legend buffs, Klein explained that there’s no connection between them at all. “They’re all parallel workstreams that don’t touch each other,” he said.

However, he mentioned there was an instance where a legend got a buff and an Heirloom in the same patch and hinted it was going to happen again.

“We did have a major buff for one of our characters (Revenant) in the same patch his heirloom came out,” he said. “There’s gonna be another one like that in the future.”

As for who he could be referring to, the likeliest candidates are Crypto, Loba, and Wattson, considering they could all do with a buff — well, unless you’re Wattson with Respawn looking at nerfs instead — and still don’t have an Heirloom item.

Horizon could be a shoo-in as well, although it’s less likely since she hasn’t been around as long.

However, most people are putting their money on Crypto. After all, Respawn confirmed they’re “actively working” on making him more viable, which he desperately needs.