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Apex Legends devs confirms new April Fools’ Day event is happening

Published: 26/Mar/2022 18:02 Updated: 26/Mar/2022 18:19

by Shay Robson


Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment have confirmed a new April Fools’ Day event to prank players is on the way.

Respawn devs love pulling pranks on Apex players for April Fools Day. The hilarious golden Mozambique pistol troll has appeared in the game on April 1 for the last two years.

As we approach the day of pranks for 2022, it seems devs have some new tricks on the way. However, this year it could be bigger and better than any prior pranks they’ve pulled.

Apex Legends dev confirms April Fools event

Golden Mozambique packs a punch on April Fool’s day.

In a March 20 tweet, Apex Legends content creator TiffaJessi asked Respawn Senior Producer Josh Medina if there are any April Fools’ event ideas.


Medina actually replied – revealing devs had already finished their April 1 plans. “Nah, we got wrapped up already since it’s in 2 weeks.”

While this confirms we’ll see a prank or two come April Fools, it doesn’t tell us anything about what to expect when the day finally arrives.

In response to the dev’s tweet, one Apex Legends fan joked the prank would be the anti-cheat actually doing its job.

Yeah it’s gonna be that the anti-cheat works for a day and that’s it,” said user E_Trash_E.

Earlier in March, other players were eager to suggest some hilarious and absurd ideas for the devs to prank players on April 1. One fan proposed the idea that for just 24 hours you could put any sight in the game on any weapon.


With not long left to go until April Fools, the anticipation of what devs will actually do will continue to build up.