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Apex Legends devs confirm fixes for Wattson & Bocek Bow issues coming in Season 11

Published: 20/Nov/2021 13:58

by Connor Bennett


Respawn Entertainment are finally addressing a few nagging issues with Wattson and the Bocek Bow in Apex Legends, with an update in the works for later in Season 11.

After much hype and anticipation, Apex Legends Season 11: Escape finally hit the game’s servers back in early November, bringing the battle royale’s fourth map – Storm Point, a new Legend in the form of Ash, as well as plenty of other changes.

Among the additional changes was some long-awaited love for Wattson which included increased damage for her fences, the ability to place them quicker, and a time buff for her Ultimate.


However, since the new season has gotten underway, players have been left annoyed by some of the changes – specifically with how funky it can now be to place a Wattson fence, and how some items can destroy her Interception Pylon when they’re not supposed to be able to.

Apex Legends woman in orange jacket and blue hood waves at players in front of an electric fence
Respawn Entertainment
Wattson is a popular Apex character but issues remain.

Well, Respawn will be straightening that out before long, as they’ve got a few fixes in the works on their public Trello board.

The developers noted two specific issues – fences “sticking” when trying to place an extension down near a node and arc stars being able to stick to her ultimate – as being addressed in a future update. Though, there is no mention of just exactly when this update will roll out.


Additionally, they’ve also got a fix for an issue with the Bocek Bow’s legendary Compound Fracture skin. As plenty of players have flagged, when they equip the skin and then pick up an optic attachment during a game, it doesn’t work. Instead, they’re left looking at the normal iron sights.

These are not the only changes that the devs have in the works for the battle royale, either. Apex Legends level designer Rodney Reece noted that changes are coming to Storm Point in the way of changing final circle locations.

Again, there is no date mentioned for these changes but Reece explained that they’ll come long before Season 11 is finished.


They’ll likely all be packaged into one update to save any additional bugs coming as a result of multiple roll outs. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see when that is.