Apex Legends devs apologize for “embarrassing” error following UI update

The Aftershock Wave skin from Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment, developers of Apex Legends, have issued an apology on Twitter for shipping a UI update early and “incomplete”, misspelling a content creator’s name who helped create a skin for their battle royale.

This is a recent development in a story that started all the way back in February of 2022, when Respawn launched a new line of skins meant to celebrate Apex Legends’ artists and content creators.

Popular streamer LuluLuvely has since claimed Apex Legends content creators were not paid royalties for their work on these collaborative skins. Furthermore, she was disappointed to hear that creators who inspired certain skins will not be mentioned in the game, only in a blog post on EA’s website.

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Respawn have since decided to reverse their decision after nearly a year, dropping a UI update that will name the content creators behind the skins.

KralRindo, an Apex Legends leaker, quickly pointed out that after a recent patch Lulu’s name has finally been added to the game, except that it was misspelled.

Respawn apologizes for releasing an “incomplete” update

Respawn apologized for releasing the update in an “incomplete” manner in a January 14 tweet.

They said: “Well, this is embarrassing. Recently, we had a new UI update in Apex Legends meant to highlight the talented artists and creators we work with for in-game items ship early and incomplete. We will be officially launching this update at a future date, correct spellings and all.”

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The community’s response was mixed. One fan commented: “Cool Cool…Why didn’t that just launch though with the skins in the first place in February?”

“What an awful attempt and an apology tweet. Imagine taking what will probably be over a year to promote creators and artists that you worked with,” commented another.

Regardless, it’s a definite step in the right direction from the game’s developers.

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