Apex Legends dev reveals rare Mirage Heirloom easter egg was never added

Mirage heirloom being held in apex legendsRespawn/EA

An Apex Legends dev has revealed what happened to the Easter Egg that Mirage’s Heirloom was supposed to have, as players have been unable to uncover it. 

Every since Apex Legends first launched, players, have been ripping open Apex Packs in the hopes of getting the incredibly rare Heirloom melee weapons that Respawn Entertainment adds each season.

These Heirlooms, while not offering any additional damage in-game, are not only incredibly cool, but also play into the backstory of the Apex Legends characters with their rare animations and easter eggs.

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While there are 12 heirlooms currently in the battle royale, Mirage’s ‘Too Much Witt’ trophy has a handful of rare animations and secrets – with one, in particular, being ultra-difficult to find. Well, it turns out there’s a good reason for that.

Apex Legends Mirage HeirloomRespawn Entertainment
Mirage’s trophy Heirloom is certainly befitting of this cocky character.

The one rare animation that players have been trying to uncover for over a year involves Mirage equipping his Heirloom and also taking a glimpse of a family photo.The photo, which has been seen before in the Pathfinder’s Quest lore book, was a part of the files that leakers uncovered prior to the Heirloom’s launch.

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A handful of Respawn developers noted it was a part of the Heirloom’s easter eggs, but it would take some going to find it. Well, as it turns out, nobody has been able to see it in-game because it was actually never added.

“It was actually supposed to be this picture or the picture of Mirage and his family as a kid (the one in the lore book) but it apparently never made it in the game for some reason,” said Manny Hagopian, the lead writer on Apex Legends, much to the dismay of Mirage mains.

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A handful of players suggested that Respawn should, at some point, reveal the rare animation so that they can finally get some closure on what it is they’d been looking for.

That could happen as a part of a social media post, but as for actually finding it in-game, that’ll probably never be changed.

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