Apex Legends dev responds to requests for new Pathfinder passive

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An Apex Legends dev has responded to requests for a new Pathfinder passive and revealed why the community’s favorite MRVN hasn’t received one yet.

When it comes to mobility and making incredible outplays in Apex Legends, there are very few characters that do it better than Pathfinder.

The Forward Scout’s popularity is growing every day in the current meta, with his pick rate in Season 14 sitting at an extremely high 9.5%.

Despite this, Pathfinder mains are still frustrated that he’s lacking a passive ability and believe Respawn should implement one in the near future.

Well, in a recent Reddit AMA, a dev addressed the topic and gave Path fans some hope that a new ability could be arriving in the future.

Pathfinder Apex Legends Forward ScoutRespawn Entertainment
Pathfinder has a 9.5% pick rate in Season 14.

Will Pathfinder get a new passive in Apex Legends?

Bringing up the topic of Pathfinder in the thread, user Moosemaster21 decided to ask whether the devs were still “brainstorming” any passive ideas for the Forward Scout and if so, will a new ability be arriving anytime soon.

In response, Lead Game Designer Eric Canavese revealed they’re looking into making changes, but “don’t want to slap a new passive on a Legend who is already well-liked, powerful and performing well”.

It’s clear that the Respawn team feels as if other Legends need more attention than Pathfinder, so there’s “no immediate need” to add a new passive.

However, Canavese did conclude by saying that they’re “hopeful the future is friendly in upcoming seasons”. This confirms the team is still developing ideas for Pathfinder’s new passive and potentially hints there are plans to add it into the game in a future seasonal update.

It’s obvious Respawn is hesitant to add more power to Pathfinder’s kit when his pick rate continues to rise. Only recently, the Forward Scout took over Wraith to secure himself as the second most popular Legend in Apex.

Either way, it’s great to hear the devs are still listening to the community and their passive ideas for the Forward Scout.

Path mains will just have to keep their fingers crossed that Respawn can develop a new passive for the MRVN that’s both balanced and interesting in the near future.