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Apex Legends dev responds to Crypto exploit giving easy Ranked Points

Published: 8/Feb/2020 14:56

by Joe Craven


Eric Hewitt, a developer at Respawn Entertainment, has responded to a bug with Crypto’s drone which enables players to unfairly gain assists and Ranked Points (RP) in Apex Legends. 

Crypto is a popular choice in Apex Legends, having been added to Respawn’s battle royale with Season 3 in November. Billed as a Surveillance Expert, Crypto’s tactical ability allows him to deploy an aerial drone. 


This provides him with a comprehensive overview of the area in which he is located, ideal for slower play-styles and ambushing opponents. However, since the start of Season 4 players have noticed that his drone can be manipulated to gain extra RP in ranked mode. 

Respawn Entertainment
Crypto was added for Season 3 of Apex Legends.

The glitch relates to the ability of players to scan opponents. After scanning an enemy, Crypto’s teammates are made aware of their location. If they are then downed or eliminated after being scanned, Crypto receives an assist bonus. 


However, the current glitch enables Crypto players to receive the assist bonus, regardless of whether or not their team downs the scanned opponent. 

In other words, Cryptos are currently being rewarded for other teams eliminating mutual enemies. 

This is obviously unintended, and there is no reason for it to be in the game. Thankfully, it has been brought to the attention of Eric Hewitt, a Senior Systems Designer at Respawn. 


On February 7, he responded to confirm that the issue is under investigation, and a fix should be made available soon. “I know our trusty ranked designer is working on putting in a fix for this,” he said.

He did not elaborate on his comments, so it’s not known what the initial cause of the issue is.

Regardless, it’s good to see such a swift response to an issue affecting a large portion of the player base. 


You can keep up to date with all the issues Respawn are working on at their Apex Legends Trello board. 

Apex Legends

Why Wattson’s pylon ability is “eating” grenades in Apex Legends

Published: 19/Oct/2020 18:01

by Tanner Pierce


After players seem to be confused about the Apex Legends character Wattson “eating” grenades, a fan has taken to Reddit to explain just exactly what is going on – and the answer is a bit more complicated than it might seem at first glance.

Confusing special abilities are always bound to happen, especially in games like Apex Legends, where every characters ability is different. Wattson, who has been a part of the game since Season 2, is a perfect example of a character who has some crazy abilities, but can be a bit confusing for some players.


For those that don’t know, she can place down an “Interception Pylon” which blocks incoming grenades, equipment, etc. in order to protect you, similar to a Trophy System from the Call of Duty franchise. Some people have been confused by this ability, claiming it’s destroying or “eating” their own grenades, which is definitely a bit peculiar. Now, thanks to a player, there’s finally a decent explanation for what’s going on.

Wattson Season 2 cinematic
Respawn Entertainment/EA
Wattson, who was added to the game over a year ago, has the ability to stop grenades.

Interception Pylon eating grenades?

According to Reddit user u/Jameso4e, who is a self-proclaimed Wattson main with 3,500 kills, there two different circles which appear when a player places the Pylon, one that destroys only “incoming” grenades/equipment and one that destroys all of them.


The outer rings is the one that destroys all equipment, meaning players should be looking to avoid standing near that one when throwing their grenades inside of the two circles. In layman’s terms, you’ll have to watch where you’re positioned if you don’t want the Pylon to “eat” your grenades.

In a video made by Jameso4e demonstrating the problem, players can very clearly see two circles. When he stands closer to the inner circle, he has no problem throwing grenades out but when he stands near the outer circle, the equipment gets “eaten”. While that may sound a bit confusing at first, once you practice, it seems to be pretty easy to master.

As to why the ability causing this, nobody really knows, but the user theorizes that it’s due to bugs. It’s been over a year since Wattson was added to the game, so here’s hoping that now that the ability has been explained, more people understand it.