Apex Legends dev responds to complaints over “boring” Ranked split in Season 15

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An Apex Legends dev has responded to complaints about the “beyond boring” 76-day Ranked split and confirmed it won’t be this long again.

While a lot of Apex Legends players are satisfied taking down opponents in pubs, others want to compete in a more high-stakes environment.

Well, that’s exactly where Ranked comes into play, with the matchmaking system aiming to pit opponents of a similar skill level against each other to compete for RP and rise up through the tiers.

Unfortunately, over the past few seasons, Apex players have voiced their frustrations over a number of problems holding the competitive mode back.

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One of which was the length of the current split, which concludes on January 17 and has lasted a total of 76 days.

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The latest Apex Legends Ranked split has lasted for a total of 76 days.

Apex dev confirms Ranked splits won’t be as long in future

Typically, an Apex Legends Ranked split lasts between 45 to 50 days but the current Season 15 Split 1 will conclude on January 17, after lasting a total of 76 days.

As the Ranked map has been Broken Moon for so long, the community is desperately waiting for Split 2 to begin, where it’s expected that Olympus will become the new map on rotation.

Pro Apex player Nelson ‘Xeratricky’ Medina took to Twitter on January 9 to say “props to anyone who’s still grinding apex ranked daily” as in his opinion the mode is “beyond boring”. For him, a 76-day split is far too long and leaves the ranked experience feeling stale, the pro even asked the devs directly to “never do another 75-day split or whatever this was”.

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Luckily, Senior Producer on Apex Josh Medina replied to the FURIA pro, revealing that “as of right now I don’t think we will in the future”.

This is great news for anyone that enjoys playing Ranked and wants to see the designated map change more often.

However, with so many complaints flooding in about different elements of Ranked every day, it’ll be interesting to see if Respawn decides to do another overhaul in the future.