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Apex Legends dev impressed with fast-drop trick found on Olympus

Published: 16/Nov/2020 5:21 Updated: 16/Nov/2020 6:29

by Alan Bernal


The new map in Apex Legends has a unique design decision with the Turbines that players are using to get fast-drops on Olympus, and at least one Respawn developer was pleasantly surprised by the discovery.

Season 7 Ascension has been giving players a swarm of new content to dive through. As they tinker with new elements in the game they’re finding all sorts of results from making deadly Wraith portals, to encountering bugs with the Trident.

Adding another item on the list will be the center POI of Olympus called Turbine, where people can find the towering slopes angled toward each cardinal direction that can give speed boosts in the early portion of a match.


“Turbine’s curved towers have some pretty quick routes,” user ‘Lord_Spinkingham’ said, showing how “this was actually quicker [than just landing at the POI]. A team went for the chimney and I beat them to the middle.”

Apex Legends Fast Drop Trick
Respawn Entertainment
The towering Turbines on Olympus can actually be used for fast-drop opportunities.

Of course, depending on the dropship’s trajectory, this might not be a worthwhile trick to use in your game. But if you have multiple pathing routes to score high-tier loot, this can easily be used to get on the ground quicker.

In fact, Senior Level Designer Dave ‘StryderPilot’ Ose was a bit coy about the trick, seeing as it might not have been something he was completely aware of.


“As designed. This was totally on purpose…” he joked in response to the trick that instantly gained popularity among Apex’s players. He later described player discoveries about the game’s design as “Scary. Fun. Exciting. In that order.”

Tip: Turbines curved towers have some pretty quick routes! from apexlegends

While this might not have been a use for the Turbines that StryderPilot and his team planned for, the Apex community are happy to take the discovery and run with it to use in their games.

This isn’t something we haven’t seen before, either. Early in the game’s life on Kings Canyon, players found that you could clip a high wall to achieve a similar effect.


The only difference here is there are now four major map elements on Olympus that now lets Apex Legends players get huge boosts to drop onto the map even faster.