Apex Legends dev hints at CAR SMG nerf coming as it “overshadows” other SMGs

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An Apex Legends dev has hinted that the CAR SMG may receive a nerf in a future update as it “overshadows” a lot of the other weapons in the Outlands.

Picking a weapon to use in Apex Legends can be extremely difficult as there’s so much choice, making it tricky to know which guns are considered meta.

While the Havoc and the Spitfire seem to be a lot of players’ go-to picks for medium to long-range gunfights in Season 13, it’s the CAR that’s dominating at close quarters.

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With the ability to use Light and Heavy ammo, it’s possible to one burst an opponent with the powerful SMG if you land your shots.

Well, there’s a chance the CAR may be receiving a nerf in the near future, as a dev has acknowledged that it “overshadows” guns like the R99.

CAR SMG Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The CAR SMG can use both Light and Heavy ammo.

CAR SMG could be hit with nerf in a future update

During a weapon Wednesday on the Apex Legends subreddit, the CAR SMG was the topic of discussion, and a lot of the community were voicing their frustration that the gun is too powerful.

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In response, Live Balance Designer John ‘JayBiebs’ Larson shared his thoughts on the CAR, revealing that at release the devs were concerned that the weapon’s “mag versatility + strong hipfire + DPS make this thing a beast”.

However, after the gun arrived in Season 11, he was surprised how little the SMG was being used but over time “good players show how the on-paper strength translates to in-game strength.”

JayBiebs acknowledged that the CAR “overshadows” a lot of its competition in the current meta like the R99, and now the devs are aware of its strengths, they can “revisit its identity within the SMG class when the time comes.”

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Apex Legends dev on CAR

Although he doesn’t confirm a specific date or patch where the CAR is going to receive changes, it seems likely, given that they’re aware of its power.

Whether they decide to nerf the CAR or instead choose to buff some of the other SMGs on the arsenal, the changes are likely to help diversify the close-quarter meta and discourage players from always searching for the CAR.

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