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Apex Legends dev explains why Valkyrie doesn’t need changes in Season 10

Published: 25/Jul/2021 11:20

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends dev Daniel Klein has explained why there are no plans to change Valkyrie just yet, even though a whole host of legends are being tweaked in Season 10.

After plenty of weird rumors about her abilities and name, Valkyrie was finally added to the Apex Legends roster at the start of Season 9: Legacy, getting a lot of love from fans right away.

Just like a handful of other legends, her abilities are all about movement, and while there have been some issues with her kit, the newest legend remains a popular choice.

Heading into Season 10: Emergence, some fans, of course, want change. They want their favorite legend to be as strong as possible. However, there are no plans to buff her just yet.


Valkyrie Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Valkyrie was released in Season 9 of Apex Legends.

Answering a few questions about the stats behind Valkyrie, Respawn’s Daniel Klein said that recon legend is “solidly middle of the pack” and in a decent spot when it comes to her win rate across different skill levels.

“Looking at her stats right now, she’s solidly in the middle of the pack (except her pick rate is high; which is fine, she’s new and she’s a mobility legend; those just get picked more),” Klein commented. “I foresee no need for any changes in the near future.”

Some fans suggested that she is too strong and needs a nerf, not a buff, which Klein also disagreed with. “I’m sure it feels that way, but our numbers don’t agree with you. She has roughly the same relative win rate (as in, compared to all other legends at that skill bucket) across all skill brackets,” he added. The dev noted that her high mobility ultimately seems to “self-regulate” as players make mistakes.


Of course, once Season 10 arrives and the meta starts to see some changes, Respawn might have to make some changes if Valkyrie slips down the usage and power charts.

We won’t know where she lands until the planned buffs and nerfs for the new season start to shake out, so it’s a case of wait and see what happens.