Apex Legends dev explains why they haven’t added more Kraber-like weapons – yet

apex legends wattson holding kraber header imageRespawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment have explained why Apex Legends is yet to receive more Care Package exclusive weapons like the Kraber sniper rifle. However, they refused to rule out more coming in a future season. 

The Kraber .50-Cal sniper has long been a discussion point in the Apex Legends community, mainly because it is the only weapon in the battle royale to have never been removed from the Care Package-only loot pool. 

In short, players cannot – and have never been able to – acquire it via any other means than the high-risk (but high-reward) Care Packages. 

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In Season 14, it is joined in the category of Supply Drop weapons by the Mastiff Shotgun, Rampage LMG, and Bocek Bow. 

Apex Legends dev refuses to rule out further Care Package-only weapons

While those may yet be changed back to regular ground loot, Respawn have refused to rule out the possibility of further Care Package-only weapons in a recent Reddit AMA

Although new ones in the immediate future sound unlikely, it’s something the dev team refuses to take “off the table”. 

Asked by one player whether weapons will ever be specifically designed as Care Package exclusives, Senior Game Designer Eric Canavese said it’s been “prototyped” but that it feels “underwhelming” to limit a new gun to Supply Drops. 

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He responded: “It’s not completely off the table, and we’ve definitely prototyped some care package only weapons- but ultimately with the amount of work it takes to build new and exciting weapons, limiting them to the care package feels underwhelming.” 

The weapon suggested by the Redditor was the EPG-1 from Titanfall, an energy-propelled grenade launcher. 

“I’m not saying we won’t ever do it,” Canavese continued, “but when evaluating how we want to spend our dev time, weapons that can be cycled onto the floor are valued much higher because they can impact the meta in a more meaningful way as we continue to refine and balance the game.”

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In short, Respawn are not ruling it out but, in terms of time, Care Package-only weapons are not the most efficient way of managing their title. 

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