Apex Legends dev explains why Season 5 Quests don’t have cutscenes

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Developer Moy Parra has revealed why the new PvE Quests in Apex Legends Season 5 do not have their own animated cutscenes in-game.

The launch of Apex Legends Season 5 brought about many new changes to the arena, with a new character Loba, major map changes and the introduction of Quests to the popular battle royale title.

Quests offer players the chance to complete PvE tasks in Apex Legends, requiring them to search for missing artifacts as part of the ‘Broken Ghost’ storyline in Season 5.

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Respawn Entertainment
Many players have been hunting for the mysterious artifact pieces added in Season 5.

The new feature has been well received so far, however, some players questioned why Respawn had chosen not to add animated cutscenes for the new quests.

While the legends do communicate with each other during their search for the missing artifacts, it is done through messages instead of being voiced out or animated in a cutscene.

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Apex Legends animator Moy Parra was asked about the lack of cutscenes on May 28 and explained that the animations would take too much time to be ready for the launch of the new season.

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“I would love to see fully animated cutscenes but indeed they take many many months of work,” the Respawn dev revealed.

Parra also highlighted that they would need to wait on Apex Legends writers and voice actors to finish before they could get a proper start on the animation.

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“That’s after the voice over is final, which means the writing would have to be final even before that,” he added, pointing some of the work required, “making “stuff” takes time. A lot of time.”

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Although fans will have to do without cutscenes, for the time being, many are still finding the new PvE quests to be a nice change of pace from the classic BR mode as they uncover more about the mysterious artifacts.

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