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Apex Legends dev explains why Revenant won’t be buffed in Season 8

Published: 14/Dec/2020 10:03

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends dev Daniel Klein has explained why Revenant won’t be receiving a buff in Season 8, even though players had been hoping the Synthetic Nightmare would be boosted. 

As the Apex Legends seasons have unfolded, and Respawn have added new characters to their popular battle royale, the developers have had to walk a tight line on who receives a change and why that is. 


A newer legend who isn’t performing to their potential – like Loba or Rampart – can be changed just as soon as an original character who has fallen behind in terms of strength versus their previous state. 

In the case of Revenant, who was added back in Season 4, players have been asking for more and more buffs to make him a stronger legend in-game. However, those changes aren’t coming in Season 8, and the devs have explained why that is the case. 


Respawn Entertainment
The Synthetic Nightmare has been underpowered since he was introduced.

Daniel Klein, a senior game designer at Respawn, answered a number of questions from fans about changes coming to Apex – confirming that the next patch is coming in January. 

As a result, the attention switched to legend changes, to which someone asked about Revenant. “No plans for next season,” Klein said in response to a question about the Synthetic Nightmare before following it up with a further explanation a few days later. 


“Yeah! His playstyle is what we call sharp: as in, success and failure are keenly felt, and when his tactical and ultimate work, they work so well they make the enemy MORE frustrated than they make Rev & his team happy,” Klein added. “That’s a dangerous pattern. He absolutely should be getting buffs, but we didn’t have the time to find the right buffs.”


Obviously, this will come as an annoyance to players who still use Revenant, and would like to see him up there with some of the game’s strongest legends. 

Seeing as Klein noted that he should be receiving buffs, there’s no doubt that Revenant will be changed at some point, but it’s going to be a while before we get to that point.