Apex Legends dev explains why game-breaking Level 500 bug isn’t fixed yet

Matt Porter
Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment have explained why the frustrating Level 500 glitch in Apex Legends has yet to be fixed, after originally stating that the problem had been addressed.

Many Apex Legends fans were ecstatic when the developers announced they had increased the level cap in the game, meaning players had a new goal to grind towards if they wanted to sit at the top of the popular battle royale game’s mountain.

Unfortunately, the increased level cap appears to have had the opposite reaction, with players who manage to hit the rank unable to play the game anymore, with the game telling them there has been an “Internal server error,” and keeping them stuck on the game’s main screen.

All of the new ranks added to Apex Legends
Apex Legends added hundreds of new ranks, but now they’re breaking the game.

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Respawn thought they had finally sorted the problem on January 11, but were forced to delay the update after performing some tests. Unsurprisingly, this made players even more upset, and 10 days on it seems that there is no fix on the horizon, prompting many to voice their frustrations on social media and Reddit.

Responding to a post on the game’s subreddit from a disgruntled fan, Developer Rayme Vinson admitted that he understood the annoyance that players were feeling, but explained that patching the game isn’t as easy as many would assume, and can often cause more issues than it fixes.

“I absolutely get your frustration, but it’s been a priority,” he wrote. “This kind of stuff is complicated and really easy to make worse. So there’s a lot of triple-checking going on. Hopefully good news soon, and you’re right, it’s picking on some of the most involved players! That just ain’t right.”

An error screen players receive after reaching Level 500 on Apex Legends.
Apex Legends
Players are currently met with server errors when they try to join games.

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Unfortunately for fans though, there is still no specified date for the patch to be rolled out, and Vinson didn’t go as far as confirming that they had found whatever problem stopped them from releasing the fix they originally had on January 11.

It’s possible that Respawn may push it out as a hotfix as soon as it’s ready, or with the Season 4 update which is expected on February 4.