Apex Legends dev explains why broken banner bug still hasn’t been fixed

Alex Garton. Last updated: Oct 14, 2021
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An Apex Legends dev has finally responded to the animated banner crashing bug stopping players from getting into matches, explaining why it’s taking so long to fix the issue.

As with any multiplayer title, Apex Legends suffers from a variety of glitches that affect the gameplay. While the majority of these issues are minor, and on occasion can even be positive, a few continue to cause serious problems for Respawn.

One of which is the animated banner crashing bug that arose all the way back in September. This issue was discovered by the devs after players continued to complain about pre-game crashes whenever they had an Epic rarity banner equipped.

As these cosmetics are animated, they seem to prevent players from getting into matches, leading the game to crash. Despite multiple attempts to fix the issue, the bug is still affecting players today and with Season 11 on the horizon, the community wants to know when a solution is going to be found.

Luckily, a dev has finally addressed the bug and revealed why it’s taking so long to find a fix.

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The banner crash bug originally popped up back in September.

Has the Apex Legends banner crashing bug been fixed?

During a communication strategy thread on Twitter, the Community Director at Respawn responded to a comment asking about the banner crashing bug still causing issues in Apex Legends.

Describing it as the “most frustrating thing about Apex right now”, the player asked whether the dev team was still working on a fix and if they were any closer to solving the issue.

In response, the dev outlined that the bug was “10x” harder to fix than they first anticipated, and the team is still working on finding a fix.

While this isn’t the news a lot of Apex players will want to hear, even the acknowledgment that the glitch is incredibly hard to fix will be enough for a lot of the community to sympathize.

Although it’s likely going to be a while longer before players can re-equip their Epic banners, it’s great to know Respawn are still doing their best to solve the issue.

In the meantime, make sure you jump into all of the new content added with the Halloween patch, including the new ‘Encore’ map, exclusive cosmetics, and of course, the upcoming Shadow Royale.