Apex Legends dev explains mysterious weapon symbol confusing players

Wraith with pistol and Apex Legends logoRespawn

A Respawn developer has finally explained the meaning of a mysterious in-game weapon symbol that has been confusing Apex Legends players for some time.

Apex Legends, like any game of its size, has plenty of intricacies and details that are just waiting for players to uncover.

From easter eggs referencing fan favorite Titanfall 2 missions to skins that hint at the involvement of Predators and Xenomorphs in the near future, there’s always something for players to learn.

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While not quite as exciting as a crossover with some of popular culture’s most legendary monsters, one in-game weapon symbol has been confusing players for some time.

Respawn dev explains mystery Apex Legends weapon symbol

The symbol in question is visible in player inventories and shows a small paintbrush surrounded by an arrow.

One player, in a Reddit post that garnered over 6,000 upvotes, questioned exactly what it meant.

Player guesses varied massively, with one joking it directs you to MS Paint and closes Apex Legends.

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However, a Live Technical Designer at Respawn clarified the matter for players.

“I love all the wrong answers,” they joked, before explaining: “To OP’s questions; You’ve picked up a gun another player have skinned with their own preference. Clicking that button will allow you to reset the skin of the gun to your own.”

Plenty replied to say they’d already figured the button’s purpose out for themselves but others were pleased at the education and to know that, upon equipping another player’s weapon, they have the option to rock one of their own preferred skins.

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Just another day acquiring new information in Apex Legends.

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