Apex Legends dev confirms plans for Arenas weapon price changes

Apex Legends trio of charactersRespawn/EA

An Apex Legends developer has confirmed that they’re already planning to make changes to Arenas, especially when it comes to weapon prices, that they hope to release sooner rather than later.

With the start of Season 9: Legacy, Respawn Entertainment added a round-based mode called Arenas to Apex Legends.

The three-on-three mode puts players in small areas from the battle royale’s usual maps, with the goal being to eliminate the other team before the circle closes in.

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Just like Counter-Strike and Valorant, there is somewhat of an economy to deal with in the mode, and you do have to pick your spots when it comes to buying weapons and equipment. However, price changes are coming.

arenas apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
Buying the best gear is key for Arenas in Apex Legends.

During the Season 9: Legacy AMA on the Apex Legends subreddit, the devs were quizzed on a whole range of topics, with them giving out information on what legends are being tweaked next.

In amongst all those comments, some fans had questions about Arenas and whether changes would be coming, seeing as there is a bit of an imbalance with the current pricing.

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“Yeah definitely. I’m working on a balance pass that I’d like to push live sooner rather than later,” said Respawn’s Robert West about upcoming price changes. “We’ll continue balancing as we go and of course update with new seasons as new content comes out and along with our usual weapon and legend meta changes.”

Just like the normal battle royale mode, Arenas will be balanced according to the meta. If something gets out of hand and becomes too powerful, it’ll get changed.

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As for when these planned will be coming, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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