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Apex Legends dev confirms Pathfinder buff coming “soon”

Published: 24/Sep/2020 13:09

by Calum Patterson


Apex Legends producer Josh Medina has confirmed that fan-favorite character Pathfinder will be getting some “love” soon, as players eagerly await improvements to his abilities.

Since he was nerfed into oblivion in Apex Legends, with a 35 second cooldown on his grapple ability, Pathfinder mains have been (impatiently) waiting on some kind of buff to bring the friendly robot back into meta contention.

Admittedly, he was probably too strong before the nerf, with only a 15-second cooldown on his grapple, allowing him unrivaled mobility. His slender frame already makes him a slippery target, but increasing the grapple cooldown to 35 seconds was just a little too long in the eyes of most players.


It immediately resulted in Pathfinder becoming a less popular pick, falling from 22% to 10% in Season 5. The devs remained firm on their decision though, and he was given no buff in Season 6. In fact, the devs even trolled a bit, with the patch notes for Pathfinder simply reading ‘Hi friend!’.

Pathfinder patch notes
Respawn Entertainment
The devs knew what they were doing the Season 6 patch notes.

Pathfinder “love” coming soon

Thankfully, Pathfinder mains are in luck. A developer has responded to the community’s wishes, albeit through unexpected channels.

When a troll pretended to be a developer and jokingly reveal a buff was coming for Pathfinder, the dev in question, Josh Medina, gave the good news. SoaR player Daltoosh said that, even though it was only a troll, the fake buff did “raise some good points.”


“He’s gonna get some love soon,” Medina responded, confirming that at the very least, Pathfinder improvements are planned.

However, we wouldn’t get our hopes up for any massive reduction in the grapple cooldown. Although Respawn may reduce it slightly, it’s more likely that we see improvements to other parts of Pathfinder’s kit.

Ideally, players will just want him to come back into the meta in a more healthy way, as even the biggest Pathfinder fanboys will have to admit that his previous grapple cooldown was a bit too short.

The next major update for Apex Legends may not be until October though, so for now, Pathfinder players will have to stick it out as he is.