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Apex Legends dev confirms new Bloodhound skydive emotes coming soon

Published: 28/Dec/2020 22:09 Updated: 28/Dec/2020 22:12

by Bill Cooney


Bloodhound players are in luck, as a developer from Respawn has confirmed the legend will be getting a new skydive emote sometime soon.

Skydive emotes are unique to Apex and are exactly what they sound like — moves you can throw out and use while dropping into the map to spice things up.

To date, Bloodhound has two of these so far called “Stoic Stance” and “Nevermore,” the latter of which is arguably one of the coolest looking in the game, surrounding them with a flock of ravens. Both can be seen right at the start of the video below:

New Bloodhound skydive emotes coming soon

After one Apex Legends player took a wild shot in the dark on Twitter asking if Bloodhound had, or would be getting any new skydive moves, Respawn dev Jason McCord actually responded.


“Bloodhound has a few skydive emotes already. The one where the flock of crows circles them is my favorite,” McCord replied. “I’ve seen another one coming soon. Either in the next event or Season 8, I don’t remember. Hang tight.”

The “next event” here is definitely the Fight Night collection event. While we don’t have an official starting date for it just yet, it will most likely start on Tuesday, January 5,  a week after the new Stories from the Outlands featuring Pathfinder comes out.

If you want to get the new Bloodhound skydive emote, whatever it ends up looking like and whatever the cost is, be sure to do so during the event because it most likely won’t be able to be unlocked afterward. Nevermore, for example, was only around for the System Override event and hasn’t been available since.


There’s still potential for leakers to find out exactly what this new emote will look like before it arrives in Fight Night or Season 8 as they always seem to do, but for those who don’t want to spoil the surprise, it still good news that something is coming, at least.