Apex Legends dev confirms Kraber changes are coming to make it less hated

Apex Legends KraberRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends dev has confirmed Respawn is working on changes for the Kraber to make it less hated among the community.

There’s only one weapon in the Apex Legends arsenal that can one-shot a full health opponent, and that’s the Kraber.

This powerful care package sniper has been a divisive gun in the community since the release of Apex, with a lot of players calling on Respawn to remove it from Ranked.

Despite countless requests, the devs have remained silent on their plans for the Kraber, even when pros have called out the weapon for ruining competitive matches.

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That was until March 11, when a dev finally revealed on Twitter that Respawn is working on some changes for the weapon.

Apex Legends Kraber bloodhoundRespawn Entertainment
The Kraber can one-shot an enemy with full health and shields.

Kraber changes are coming in Apex Legends

On March 11, Respawn producer Josh Medina responded to a tweet talking about the Kraber being a frustrating weapon to go up against.

Keeping it short and simple, he promised that Respawn was working on changes to make the powerful sniper less hated within the community.

Despite this, later on in the thread, he did ask players how they would alter the Kraber without removing it or nerfing its damage.

This suggests that whatever changes are on the way, they won’t involve reducing the Kraber’s damage. This only leaves a few options for the devs like altering its care package spawn rate or potentially removing it from Ranked and comp.

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As Josh took the time to ask the community their opinion on how the Kraber should be nerfed, we can assume Respawn’s changes are in their early stages.

This means it could be a long time before we see the lethal sniper make an appearance in the patch notes.

However, as it’s clear Respawn is listening to ideas, it may be worth coming up with some suggestions and sending them the way of the developers.

Who knows, it could be the concept Respawn is looking for to balance the Kraber once and for all.