Apex Legends dev confirms even more anti-cheat improvements coming in Season 16

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An Apex Legends dev has confirmed that “even more” anti-cheat improvements are coming in Season 16 as players have been demanding more updates.

With Season 16 of Apex Legends on the horizon, it’s safe to say the community is excited for the next fresh batch of content scheduled to arrive in February.

Despite this, many players would prefer Respawn to focus on enhancing the fundamental aspects of the game like matchmaking, Ranked, and most of all, the anti-cheat.

While a patch was rolled out that’s given Diamond, Master, and Predator competitors protection against DDoSing, players still want Respawn to do more about the abundance of hackers.

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Well, an Apex dev has confirmed that the security team will do exactly that next season, and vowed that “more” improvements are coming.

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Season 16 of Apex Legends is set to arrive in February.

Apex Legends devs vows anti-cheat improvements are coming

Taking to Twitter on January 27, Security Analyst at Respawn, Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford, celebrated that 2022 was a year of “lots of bans” and “lots of detections” for the dev team.

Not only that, he confirmed that “even more” improvements are on the cards for Season 16 and that he’s “looking forward to seeing everything take shape”.

While Hideouts didn’t go into specifics, it’s great to hear that anti-cheat enhancements have become a priority for Respawn.

Currently, the game uses software called Easy Anti-cheat, but a lot of players aren’t convinced this system is particularly effective.

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With the next major update scheduled to go live in mid-February, it’ll be interesting to see if the devs have any third-party detection improvements ready for Season 16’s release.

If they do, there’s no doubt it’ll be well-received by the community, which is desperate to see every hacker purged from Ranked matchmaking.