Apex Legends dev confirms Crypto buff coming soon

Connor Bennett
Crypto in Apex Legends lost treasures skin

Apex Legends developer Daniel Klein has hinted at a buff for Crypto “coming soon,” with his drone set to buffed with the Lost Treasures Collection Event update. 

Though Apex Legends usually sees some major updates with the start of each new season, the mid-season events also offer a chance for change. With the Lost Treasures Collection Event upon us, several legends are in for tweaks.

The Apex Legends team has confirmed that Lifeline, Octane, and Wraith will see changes – with the first definitely getting buffs. Though, it seems like a boost to Crypto isn’t too far away either, even though he will be “indirectly” buffed thanks to the new event. 

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Crypto is set another tweak in Apex Legends.

As fans have been asking about possible buffs and nerfs, Daniel Klein, a game designer at Respawn, said Crypto’s changes are “coming soon,” and that his EMP ultimate is also set to be somewhat buffed.  

The dev explained that the EMP is an incredibly strong ability, but it will be “buffed indirectly next patch because of an unrelated change.” Yet, there is more to come. “That said, I think he’s in a weak spot, and we’ve got a small buff (don’t get your hopes up too much!) coming soon,” Klein said on Reddit. 

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Obviously, a small buff doesn’t quite line up with what many Crypto mains are begging for, especially as there have been rumors of him being able to use survey beacons. That, however, wouldn’t really be a “small buff,” so the devs must have something else.

The Surveillance Expert currently ranks as one of the least played legends in season five, but will get a Town Takeover in the new event. It remains to be as to whether or not these coming changes will see Crypto become more popular, or if he’ll just continue to be played by hardcore fans.