Apex Legends dev confirms Control mode won’t just end after 3 week launch

. 5 months ago
Apex Legends characters in Control mode

An Apex Legends dev has confirmed that Control won’t be going away for good in Season 12, as fans have been loving the new limited-time mode. 

Over the last few Seasons, Apex Legends has had its fair share of popular limited-time modes – including the likes of Dummie’s Big Day, Third-Person mode, and Shadow Royale.

With the launch of Season 12: Defiance, Respawn added another to the mix – Control – and it’s already proven to be a hit with fans. The Call of Duty Domination-like mode pits players together in a 9v9, respawning battle for possession of three spots amongst popular POIs on the battle royale maps.

The new mode has only been around for a short while, and some fans are desperate for it to become permanent rather than just being an LTM that’ll disappear off the face of the earth before long.

apex control zones
Respawn Entertainment
Control is a whole new way of playing Apex Legends.

However, if you’re a fan of the mode, you don’t have to worry about that, as it appears Respawn will be bringing it back regularly throughout Season 12.

With Control not yet distributing mode-specific badges as Respawn had promised it would, some fans questioned if the devs would get around to fixing this issue. Respawn’s Technical Game Designer, RobotHavGunz, stepped up to the plate and answered that – also giving good news about the future of Control.

“[Badges] Coming with the Anniversary event next week,” the dev commented. “Two events this season will have Control-specific badges.”

With the Anniversary event bringing in badges, it’s safe to say that Control will be sticking around through that. Though, there are two other events lined up for Season 12 already.

These are the Warriors and Unshackled events, though, neither have dates just yet. We do know that the Warriors event is a Collection Event – which often brings a Town Takeover – so we may have to wait for the Unshackled event before getting another fix of Control.


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