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Apex Legends Dec 5 update nerfs Peacekeeper & EVA-8 shotguns – patch notes

Published: 5/Dec/2019 22:58 Updated: 5/Dec/2019 23:39

by Albert Petrosyan


Respawn Entertainment have released another update in Apex Legends, this time nerfing the Peacekeeper and EVA-8 shotguns as well as the Precision Choke Hop-Up attachment.

Shotguns, especially the Peacekeeper, have been under significant scrutiny from the Apex Legends player-base for a while now, with many calling for Respawn to limit their effectiveness.

This continued even after Respawn recently nerfed the Peacekeeper on November 22, but players remained dissatisfied because that update didn’t affect the weapon’s damage stats.

Finally, on December 5, the players’ demands were addressed when the developers pushed out a server patch implementing nerfs to all of the shotguns except the Mozambique, which certainly doesn’t need any nerfing.

A full breakdown of this update is available below, including the full patch notes and commentary from the developers explaining each change.

Shotguns and Precision Choke nerfed in Apex Legends

There were three major changes implemented via this December 5 update.

The bolt hit size was reduced for both the Peacekeeper and EVA-8. Respawn explained that the idea behind this change was to make it more difficult to hit “full chunks of damage” while still ensuring that shots remain consistent in how they feel.

The Peacekeeper’s shot spread was increased to force players to have to get closer to their enemies if they want to be still able to inflict 100+ points of damage with the weapon.

The last change was for the Precision Choke Hop-Up, which can be equipped on only the Peacekeeper and Triple-Take sniper rifle. The spread on the final Precision Choke level was increased so to reduce the range at which players can do damage with a fully charged shot using the Hop-Up.

Respawn EntertainmentThe Precision Choke Hop-Up, which allows certain weapons to be charged up for more precise shots, has been nerfed.

Apex Legends December 5 update patch notes

Here are the full patch notes and commentary for this server patch, as provided on Reddit.

Hey gamers!

Respawn just put out a server patch for all platforms with MORE balance adjustments for shotguns, specifically the Peacekeeper! See below for specifics, as well as some info about The Game Awards 2019!

  • Decreased bolt hit size for Peacekeeper and EVA-8

    • Our goal here is to make it harder to land full chunks of damage while still making sure shots continue to feel consistent.

  • Increased shot spread for Peacekeeper

    • We want to preserve its bursty fantasy of precision and snapshots, as well as its playmaking potential but felt that it’s been too strong at range so we’ve increased shot spread meaning that now players need to get closer in order to do full 100+ damage blasts with the Peacekeeper.

  • Increased spread on final Precision Choke level

    • This reduces the range that you can do full damage with a fully charged Precision Choke shot.

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Apex Legends Nov 18 update fixes Rampart exploit & more: patch notes

Published: 18/Nov/2020 18:56 Updated: 18/Nov/2020 19:17

by Alan Bernal


Respawn have launched a new patch in Apex Legends that will patch out an exploit with Rampart’s turret as well as implementing updates for everything from audio issues to reformatting Weekly Challenges.

The Apex community has been very active with their feedback at the start of Season 7. While there’s been a ton of content for players to sift through, problems with the Battle Pass or Rampart’s ultimate Sheila has been cause for concern among some people.

The developers have been paying close attention, leading to the November 18 update which is going to take out the amusing but deadly Rampart exploit while giving people a helping hand at the revised Battle Pass progression system.

People have been hooking up Rampart’s Emplaced Minigun ‘Sheila’ to Crypto’s Drone. Since the game identified the hovering bot as a valid base for the ultimate, we’ve seen people use this to wreak havoc by flying the turret around the map.

sheila turret rampart exploit crypto drone apex legends patch
Respawn Entertainment
Rampart’s turret will be grounded after the Nov 18 patch in Apex Legends.

That won’t be possible any longer now that Respawn have sent out a fix that will keep the minigun grounded to the Apex battlefield, like it was meant to be.

While the latest patch notes are relatively short, it’s got a few promising fixes that the Apex Legends community has been asking for since the start of Season 7.

Take a look at the full notes below, courtesy of Respawn.

Apex Legends November 18 patch notes

  • Weekly Challenges have been adjusted back to Season 6 formating
  • 10 Battle Pass levels will be rewarded to all who log in
  • Rampart’s turret on Crypto’s drone
  • Audio adjustments
  • Misc fixes