Apex Legends: Crypto voice actor talks favorite landing spot, gun, more


Apex Legends is getting a new character for Season 3 in Crypto, and his voice actor Johnny Young talked a bit about his favorite landing spot, gun, and other things in the game.

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The third season of Apex Legends is set for release in October, and the voice actor behind Crypto helped build some extra hype by answering some questions about his favorite parts of the game.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to give extra details about what Season 3 holds, but he still revealed some interesting things about the character.

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Respawn EntertainmentCrypto is on the way.
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In an interview with the Apex Legends subreddit, he talked about how he wasn’t able to tell anyone about the upcoming Legend, but he had to keep it a secret until it was officially revealed.

“I have friends that I play with and I had to pretend I knew nothing while we would play or when I would see Reddit posts like “man… I hope they do more trailers”, I’d want to shake my monitor and be like IT’S COMING WOOOO YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S COMING!” the voice actor said.

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Of course, the cat’s out of the bag now, but we still don’t know about the role he will play in the third season or how his abilities will work.

Instead of telling us, Young spoke a bit about his favorite landing spot in the game currently, something that will surely change when the new map releases.

Respawn EntertainmentJohnny Young revealed his favorite drop spot.
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“Supply Ship or furthest away from the chaos,” which is a fair response for anyone that’s trying to become the Apex Champion.

Getting wins might be hard to come by for him as he said Gibraltar was his favorite character that wasn’t Crypto.

“I usually use Gibraltar,” he said. “Totally noob shield self nuke when my team is down to pick them up.”

The Peacekeeper is always a good choice.
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As for his favorite gun, he has much better taste there as he picked a really popular one. “Depends on the situation but you can never go wrong with the Peacekeeper bruh.”

It’s too bad he couldn’t go into more detail about Season 3, but luckily we don’t have to wait much longer to receive information on that end. Crypto and Season 3 begin on October 1, and all of our questions will be answered.

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