Apex Legends Crypto Heirloom glitch transforms it into Star Wars lightsaber

Crypto with his Heirloom in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Crypto’s Heirloom has been one of the most highly anticipated cosmetics in Apex Legends. Not only does it look incredibly cool, but this glitch transforms the deadly blade into a Star Wars lightsaber. 

The Apex Legends Warriors Collection event reintroduced the 9v9 Control mode as well as new cosmetics for players to unlock. However, Crypto’s Heirloom has caught the attention of many fans. 

This new cosmetic comes packed with satisfying sound effects and unique animations that make it one of the most sought-after Heirlooms in the game. Currently, players are discovering new animations and interactions – with many recently finding the special door animation.

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However, a new Crypto Heirloom glitch is transforming the Biwon Blade into a Star Wars lightsaber. While this isn’t intentional, it does give the blade an iconic look. Here’s how you can replicate this glitch for yourself. 

Crypto Heirloom glitch transforms blade into Star Wars lightsaber

Apex Legends YouTuber, Skeptation, recently discovered that the Crypto Heirloom had a cool glitch that transformed the Surveillance Expert’s sword into something reminiscent of a lightsaber. If you wish to replicate this glitch, then simply follow the instructions outlined below: 

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  1. Inspect the Heirloom to unsheathe the sword. 
  2. Open the emote wheel. 
  3. Select any emote. 
  4. Cancel the emote while the sword is still open. 

If done correctly, Crypto’s Biwon Blade Heirloom will keep the glowing green surge of energy that covers the sword. This effect will remain on the Heirloom until you melee or switch to any weapon.

Whether Respawn patches this harmless visual glitch remains to be seen, but for now, be sure to unleash the Force while it’s still active. Make sure you check out our Apex Legends page for all the latest news and guides. 

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