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Apex Legends getting preselected crosshair colors in upcoming UI update

Published: 21/Jul/2021 1:28 Updated: 21/Jul/2021 2:43

by Alan Bernal


Respawn Entertainment are bringing new preset configurations for your crosshair in Apex Legends, and players are already looking forward to how it’s going to improve customization.

Senior Experience Designer at Respawn, Justin Masse, notified the community of what the studio is doing to improve visibility with different aspects of the game’s user interface (UI). This included updating the colors on direct hit markers for colorblind modes in a July 19 patch.

Unfortunately, that affected some people who used the mode to change their reticle colors already, but Masse said the company is planning to incorporate a more official way of customizing that element.


“We’re aware that some players were using these modes to change the reticle color and this update has negatively impacted them,” Masse said on Twitter. “We’re working on a more global fix to allow you to change the color of the reticle to a preset selection of colors.”

The dev didn’t reveal much more, since the team is still working on the mode, but the hope is it will have a few different selections like blue, yellow, red and green.

Masse also said that the studio is planning on more support for colorblind players in the future.


Additionally, changing colors to Apex’s reticles has been a long-requested feature from players who’ve been looking for a more custom experience in the game.

via ChicoEff / EA Forums
Respawn are bringing preselect color options for Apex Legends.

With the ability to change the color of your reticle, it’ll give people more options to tinker with how they play Apex.

Previous requests to reticles also included things like changing the shape and adding more customizable options but it remains to be seen if that’s on the docket.

More information on Apex’s future color options for reticles is expected to come soon, as well as what preselected options players will be able to choose from.