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Apex Legends

Apex Legends creates amazing real-life Bloodhound finisher

Published: 31/Mar/2019 23:51

by Eli Becht


There are a lot of executions available in Apex Legends and some of them are pretty cool. However, none of them quite match this live-action finish by Bloodhound.

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While Apex Legends takes a lot of cues from other battle royale games, there are also numerous things it does that are completely original.

The respawn system, pinging and executions all come to mind as things you don’t find as staples in other battle royale games. The executions especially are really interesting as players are able to perform some pretty cool moves on downed opponents.

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This fan-made video definitely elevates executions as you know them as it shows what a Bloodhound execution could look like in live-action.

Bloodhound is one of Apex Legends’ most popular characters so it makes sense they are one of the first Legends to receive the live reenactment with a finisher.

Blood Hound’s new execution looks amazing! from r/apexlegends

In the eight-second clip you can see Bloodhound, rather viciously, stab what appears to be a Fortnite Raptor skin with a crow. It’s a pretty gruesome way to go out but we’re willing to let the Fortnite skin get sacrificed if it means this Bloodhound finisher can live.


In the ongoing battle of Fortnite vs. Apex Legends, it looks like the edge goes to Apex, at least in this round. It also doesn’t help that Fortnite received a very controversial update that has upset numerous members of the community.

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It looks like Bloodhound murder the Raptor.

Each of the Apex Legends characters all have their own unique finisher so it’d be interesting to see what they would all look like under these circumstances.

Perhaps none of them would be quite as gruesome as Bloodhound’s with the crow execution. Pathfinder could certainly make something work with a zipline-style execution but that’s a different project for a different day.